Katherine J. Fries

Katherine was raised in Lincoln, Nebraska where she was immersed in stories from and about her family and their friends. These stories captivated her and were illustrated with mementos/heirlooms, photos, and imagination. Intrigued, Katherine wanted to know as much as she could about their lives. Eventually, her interest would lead her to consider how she and her peers interact with history, memory, and the objects left behind.


As an artist, Katherine is interested in capturing and preserving the world around her: people, their stories, rituals, possessions, and history. Her work constructs spaces that act as an externalization of an internal experience: memory. These constructions include traditional oil paintings of child-like forts, assemblage boxes, and layered prints.


Katherine is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Indianapolis- teaching 2D Foundations, Printmaking, and Letterpress. In addition to her BFA and MA earned at UIndy, she completed her MFA from Miami University. Katherine has exhibited in a variety of juried, invitational, and group exhibitions. 

Paint x Number Press

Paint x Number Press is printing duo: Andrea Stranak Fries & Katherine Fries, creating posters of motivation and celebration - sharing their love of letterpress, community, and can-do spirit. Their prints are created using traditional handset wood & metal type, vintage cuts, and using oil-based inks via various proof & platen presses.

Check out their collaborations in the Paint x Number Section of the Gallery.